10 Main Reasons People Use Self Storage

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10 Main Reasons People Use Self Storage

We are using self storage facilities more and more because our need for extra space has gotten greater and we have generally run out of room in our homes and offices. Therefore we need a place to store all of our belongings that we need but simply don’t have space for. That is where Fox Self Storage comes in. A self storage facility is used by a cross section of society for a variety of reasons. Here we will look at the top ten reasons why, in our opinion, people frequent our self storage premises on a regular basis.

  • Relocating Home or Office

    This is perhaps our most common reason for needing our self storage services. Often you are moving home or office located some distance away and it is simply not plausible to move everything that you own in one go. In this case self storage can often seem like your guardian angel as relocating away is often seen as one of the most stressful events in your life. However self storage can take away this stress at a time when you need it most.

  • Business and Commercial Needs

    You don’t have to be moving office in order for you to need our help. In fact businesses use our facilities on a regular basis and often they are not even moving office. They often need us to store equipment, such as seasonal promotional material or printers that are not needed on a regular basis. Businesses often need more space but simply cannot afford to move to a bigger office as business rates are just too expensive these days. If your office is located in a big city then expansion may not be an option due to it being a built up area. Self storage is a much cheaper alternative, which is why a lot of businesses are catching on to the idea and following suit.

  • Extending Your Property

    If you have decided to extend rather than move then once again self storage is the answer to all of your problems. You see when you are moving you need somewhere to store all of your belongings whilst on the move but when you are extending your property you also need all of your belongings stored safely until renovation work has been completed. Builders would much prefer to have your possessions out of the way rather than having to move around them. Breakages and damage are easily avoided when self storage facilities are used during office and home renovations. So make sure that you protect your assets whilst you renovate another.

  • Gap Year Or Working Away

    Many people go travelling or have to work for a certain amount of time abroad. They have every intention of coming back, it may just be a gap year if you are a student or perhaps a couple taking a year out from their jobs before settling down into family life. Either way you need not sell of your belongings at a loss or beg family members to keep one or two boxes of your things until you return. Self storage is the easy option. All of your effects are stored safely and securely until you return to British soil and our rates are very competitive, which is why we are very popular with students.

  • House Clearance

    If the unthinkable happens and one of your loved ones passes away then it is the relatives that are left behind that have to clear the person’s home. Sometimes the house needs to be cleared quickly for probate reasons or you are selling the property and the house sale has gone through quicker than you thought. You never know how much property people have until you begin clearing it out. This is where self storage provides a solution. Whilst you are sorting through your relatives effects you can put them into storage until you know what to do with them. Some effects might be kept for sentimental reasons whilst others may be valuable. Self storage gives you time to think about what you want to do whilst the house is going through the sale process. Divorce is another reason why a house clearance is necessary as the couple sort of their belongings and divide them up. However many couples find that their new property is a lot smaller than the one that they previously shared so there is a need for the extra space that they simply do not have in their new property.

  • Movement of Stock

    Businesses often have seasonal materials that use maybe once a year, such as Christmas decorations or maybe promotional offerings. It would be very inconvenient to keep these effects in the office when they are only going to be used once a year and so self storage gives business owners a fantastic opportunity to store them away from their place of work in safe keeping until they need them again in a year’s time. You also may have more stock at present than you need or have the room for; again self storage facilities offer your business a second home until the stock is required once more. Ecommerce businesses have also made the demand for self storage facilities rocket. In the day and age of the entrepreneur through channels such as eBay, the need for storing stock has never been greater.

  • Inner City Living

    If you live in a major city then you are probably limited to the amount of space that you have. Often city centre living means that you don’t always have a parking space and the cost of renting one is sometimes quite simply extortionate. That is why we are finding thousands of people in cities using self storage to store large valuable items. Often it is a car that is only used on weekends, a quad bike for the kids or maybe a boat that you use occasionally. All of these items call a self storage their home because there is no room at their owner’s property.

  • Hobby

    You may be a train set enthusiast but your wife certainly does not feel the same way. In this situation self storage is a dream because it allows you to carry on your passion without being nagged 27/7 about the amount of room that it takes up. We all know that a dedicated hobby takes up time and space, take for example golf clubs or large fishing rods, so remove the clutter from your home and keep your hobby away from the family home, giving you the time and space to enjoy it all by yourself. So if your hobby is collecting vintage wines you can be rest assured that they are kept in a dry and clean environment and away from potential breakages in the family home.

  • Document Archiving

    If you run a business from home then you understand how much room all of your documents and files take up. Especially as you cannot get rid of any of them because they need to be stored legally for a certain amount of time. In cases such as this a self storage facility is invaluable. All you need to do is rent a small locker as opposed to a huge unit. Not only does this declutter your office space at home but it also makes the room look so much more appealing if you have potential clients over. At the other end of the business scale are the bigger companies that need to archive important documents and simply don’t have the room at their premises. They need an off-site location and self storage facilities are the ideal solution in these cases.

  • Your Space Is Worth More

    The last reason is often the most important one for people. They don’t want to move home, they are content where they are but they simply don’t have enough room for all of their belongings. It is a classic case of needing self storage to put away things that are not needed in the short term. Maybe you have had a baby and have umpteen things for the baby that is not needed now. They are bulky, take up space but more importantly they were very expensive to purchase. Plus you are definitely planning on having another baby in the future, just not yet. Therefore self storage provides space for these bulky household items that you cannot bear to part with but simply don’t want them under your feet for the next couple of years.

So as you can see people use self storage for a variety of reasons but we have only listed what we feel are the top ten reasons. There are hundreds more but the ones listed are the most popular. Self storage is becoming more and more popular because the idea is catching on, soon we will all want a self storage unit in our lives.

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