What Size Unit Do You Need

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What Size Unit Do You Need

Self-storage units and containers are often not used to their maximum potential and large amounts of space is frequently left unused. This means that people a wasting their hard earned cash on space that they do not need.

As a general rule storage units are better if you need to access your belongings on a regular basis, but if you are not planning to access your contents at all, opting for a storage a storage container can save you a fare bit a cash.

To get the most out of storage units and containers, it is better to plan ahead before you start loading up the car. Here is a guide to help you plan, we here at Fox Moving and Storage also provide a storage calculator that will show you exactly what size container or unit you need:

Plan What You Will Store

Choose the Right Size Unit

There is no point throwing money down the drain on space that you don’t need. However, having some extra space does come in handy when it comes to accessing items when needed and helps when you need to move around in the unit. Also, if you ever need to add some additional belongings in the future you won’t have to worry about having no space.

The estimations below are generally the amount of space / typical size container or unit you will require depending on how much you are storing:

Organise and Pack Your Items with a Plan in Mind

Categorising and meticulously packing your belonging will take up some of your time and perhaps a lot of concentration. However, you will reap the rewards of the initial work that you have put in when you’re able to effortlessly unload and locate your items in the storage unit or container.




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